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We make Together-Travel easy (so you can focus on the fun).
Book hotels. Reserve restaurants. Split payments. Just one app.

We make Together-Travel easy
(so you can focus on the fun).
Book hotels. Reserve restaurants. Split payments. Just one app.

World’s First
Together-Travel App

Together-Travel is all about unforgettable trips with the ones you love. Whether you’re traveling as a pair or with the gang, Launchtrip makes planning and booking a trip way easier and much more rewarding, especially for groups. So, no more awkward invites, chasing down money, and hours of research; with Launchtrip, you can book awesome hotels and restaurants, split payments and even connect with real human beings, whenever you need a hand - all with one easy app.

Download The App Now:

Download The App Now:

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Group Trips Made Easy and Rewarding

Booking group trips can often be painful and even awkward - from deciding on the right hotel and restaurants, to footing the bill yourself and chasing down payments. At Launchtrip, we’ve made the process easy, so anyone can do it - yes, even Karen. Find and book a great hotel, invite guests, and split payments, all within the app. Launchtrip even provides group discounts when you book more rooms with more people.

  • Split Payments
  • Group Discounts
  • Group Trip Management

We Make Attending Events Even Better

We know that there’s no distance too far when it comes to catching your favourite sports team or live music event in person. Launchtrip is the first travel app in the world that will let you book trips based on the events you’re attending. Search for your event, and book great hotels and recommended restaurants close to the venue. Launchtrip takes care of the hard stuff, so you can focus on the fun stuff!

24/7 Customer Support

Let’s be honest: sometimes travel gets bumpy, and we know how frustrating it can be waiting on hold for customer support when things go wrong. At Launchtrip, we provide 24/7 Customer Support through text, live chat, and email - managed by humans. This means fast, caring support, whenever you need it.

Travel & COVID-19 Safety

At Launchtrip, your safety is our top priority. We are committed to providing you with all of the necessary resources and assistance to ensure you keep yourself and others safe and healthy while travelling. To read about our COVID cancellation policies and travel safety tips, visit our Community Support Centre.

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